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I wanted to do something good in the world: something that supported the mission of Tupelo Press, a fantastic, nonprofit, literary press that works so hard to make the world a better place in so many ways. Tupelo encourages and publishes both "emerging" and well-known poets, including the so-important "voices" of writers of color, of women, of Asian-Americans, of the LGBTQ community, and is open to all manner of poetry, from traditional to experimental. And what's more, they make such beautiful books!

When I found that Tupelo had created a project that would be both fundraiser AND a platform for my own writing, I jumped at the opportunity to accept the rather daunting challenge of writing 30 poem in 30 days: the Tupelo Press 30/30 Project.

So, I've eagerly joined this "fundraiser" that supports Tupelo Press, and provides a worldwide audience for my own work, every day for a month. This mutually-beneficial and so important "campaign" does such good work, is so beautifully conceived -- and you and be a part of it.

Check out my fundraising page and please consider making a donation to help me reach my goal!

Give today.

Giving online is easy and fast, and your support will make a real difference. I appreciate your help!

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