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Tupelo Press is an award-winning independent literary press that provides a home for transcendent poetry, creative non-fiction, and fiction in books that are a delight both to hold and to read. We are a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and rely on public support to assist us in fulfilling our mission to publish extraordinary writing. Seventeen years and 150 books later, we remain committed to our readers, and to those writers we feel are best able to offer the gift of brilliant writing to the world.

I hope that as a fellow lover of literature, you will continue to share and support our commitment.

As a friend of Tupelo Press, your are an angel to writers and readers alike. We ask you to join our choir of angels and make it possible for us to continue bringing more of the divine into the world. Your generosity helps us keep the doors open; your partnership helps us fill the world with so much award-winning, life-changing beauty.

Think of the world without poets to transcribe the universe for us, or novelists and essayists to record our inner and outer landscapes -- to remind us who we are, and who we want to be. These are lofty notions, and we continue to rely upon you to support our good work here on earth where the bills are paid, so that we can continue to publish poems and stories, novels, essays and memoirs that add to the heartwood of our lives.

We invite you to help us continue this mission, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Jeffrey Levine
Tupelo Press

Let us share one of hundreds unsolicited reviews: "Tremendous publishing house. They run this printing house like a family coupled with a mid 1920s parisian salon approach to art and artists. This is truly one of the gems remaining in American Publishing and one of the last bastions of American Poetry and Culture left standing. Amazing Place and People." - Aaron Graham, Poet & Veteran of the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq where he served with Marine Corps Intelligence as an Arabic linguist