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Poetry has value!

Help me meet my goal--please donate today.


$150 towards $400

I remember being terrified, going door-to-door in middle-school, soliciting donations, then jumped-roping (very awkwardly) in a "marathon" in the school gym, all to raise money for charity. This is only slightly less awkward!

The challenge I've set up for myself now is writing one poem each day for the month of June, to appear on the TP website--yes, freshly-pressed material instantly on display--all to raise money to support indie publisher Tupelo Press. I'm accompanied by a cohort of fine poets, each of us writing 30 poems in 30 days, so check out their work, too. On my social media pages (IG, X, Facebook) I'll also post an inspiration photo each day that relates to my daily poem. So follow me if you don't already!

Crossing the threshold of $750, will earn me a 5-night writing residency at a beautiful retreat in the Pacific Northwest! Every dollar gives me confidence to write more and helps Tupelo Press keep publishing exquisite and diverse voices that might never be heard otherwise. Help me to help this distinguished press. Donate today!