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I'm Running in a Poetry Marathon

Please donate so I look like I know what I'm doing.


$2,927 towards $1,000

I'm a poet, not a runner. But I can handle a marathon. For the next 30 days, along with a cohort of fine poets, I will be writing the first draft of a poem a day to support Tupelo Press. I will revise my drafts and submit some of them for possible publication. As you might imagine, a poem a day is a big goal. That's why I think of this project as a marathon, a poetry marathon. For my marathon to succeed, I need your support for Tupelo Press. That will give me the confidence and encouragement I need to meet my goal.

I am excited to be part of this project and delighted to have been selected to participate. Tupelo Press publishes a diversity of voices, and their poetry books look lovely. You will be able to follow my race and read my drafts on line.

Your gift, in any amount, I mean it, any amount, will be much appreciated. For each of the first 30 donations of $25, or more, I will dedicate my poem of the day to one of those donors. For any donation of $100, or more, I will write a poem to celebrate an event of the donor's choice.

I hope you will participate. See you at the finish line.