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Help Tashi write a poem a day.

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$350 towards $350

When Tupelo Press informed me that I had been chosen for the 30/30 fundraising project, I didn't reply right away. Honestly, I wasn't thrilled about having to collect donations. However, after some thought, I realized it could be a good challenge for two reasons. First, it would push me both mentally and physically to write a poem everyday – a self-imposed and productive daily discipline. Second, it would be great to contribute to raising funds for Tupelo. I hope you can support me in this endeavor. Your donation won't be in vain. I promise you'll not only read work from someone you know but also witness significant improvements over the past two years. Thank you in advance for your love and support. Here are sample poems:

Our stories begin with our mothers and end with our fathers

Your mother might have stayed with you but it’s your dad that you become/carry

if you lived with your aunt- it’s your mother you always end up thinking about

10 years from now it’s your mother you become

Your father doesn’t matter if he’s the king or a contractor

Your father ends up taking his seat

Do not be deceived by a slow-moving car

(It will slowly kill)

Not by its love, definitely not by its kindness!