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Andrea Ferrari Kristeller is an English Literature teacher, a naturalist and a poet (who knows in what order).

She studied Literature at the University of Buenos Aires, translation with Leandro Wolfson; she did an internship at the Buenos Aires Zoo and studied to become a naturalist at EAN (Argentine School for Naturalists). She worked in wildlife rehabilitation for many years at Ribera Norte Natural Reserve, and for Fundación Bioandina in condor rehabilitation at Temaikén. She currently collaborates with several conservation programs in Misiones and other provinces by translating scientific papers or fund soliciting work into English.

She has taught Literature for over 30 years at a secondary school level, and works within the Roots&Shoots programme from the Jane Goodall Institute with some of her groups.

She writes in English, and her poems and short stories have been published by several magazines and books in the US, Canada and the UK (, The Avocet, The Dawntreader, Erbacce, Poetry Undressed, Braided Way, ASEI Arts Anthology II, The Poppy Road Review, The Heimat Review ). She also writes short stories. "The Ghost at the White's Hoté"was published by Haus, a CultureCult anthology in 2022, "Her turning into a Forest", was published by Globally Rooted in January 2023, and "The Ocelot" appeared in CommuterLit in April 2023.

She is currently learning the Mbya Guaraní language with Mbya teachers in exchange for English lessons.
She lives in Buenos Aires with her family.

Your support gives me vital inspiration as I write for thirty days this month.

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