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Poems Can Make a Difference!

Rocking 30 Days of Writing


$60 towards $350

Hi, I'm Steve. Some of you know me, some do not. I make music. I write poems. I'm a bit obsessed with both.

Why am I doing this? It's for a good cause: to generate money for a major independent non-profit press to publish good books. Simply put, I don't get a lot of opportunities to give in ways that feel spiritually satisfying. This does.

I write slowly, typically, methodically. The number of poems I've gotten in a sitting or two I can count on one hand. Am I nervous? Of course, but I'm also excited! What will happen when I'm forced, due to time constraints, to let others see work I'm not necessarily comfortable with? Will my cat disavow me? Will I still love macaroni and cheese?

Join me for the ride! I hope you'll consider donating a few dollars here or there.

You can follow this project on my blog.