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         To have great poets, there must be great audiences.             Walt Whitman image

To have great poets, there must be great audiences. Walt Whitman

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Hello friends!

Thank you! If you are on this donation page you are considering sponsoring me in this poetry marathon – the Tupelo Press 30-30 project. For the month of February, I am joining 7 other poets pledging to write 28 poems in 28 days. Here’s my promise to you: every dollar you donate, I will match with a donation to Doctors Without Borders, the SATO Project, or Feeding America.

Where does your money go – and why am I doing this? Your dollars go to support Tupelo Press, one of the few, and one of the best, 501(c)(3) non-profit independent literary publishers around. I’m doing this because our world desperately needs the work of artists, who nourish, heal, and open our eyes. I’m doing this because Tupelo Press seeks the voices of those who have been historically suppressed, bringing us, in the words of Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey Levine, their “strength of vision and wonder of craft.” I’m doing this as a personal challenge.

Caveat: The poems in this one-a-day project are primarily “works-in-progress,” not yet finely tuned. I hope some of them will bring the promise of poems that will ultimately bring readers some measure of insight, joy, laughter, or relief.

About me: I received my B.A. from The College of Wooster, where my original one-act play was produced, and my M.A. in Theatre from Northwestern University, where I received the Sam S. Shubert Playwriting Fellowship. I have taught high school English and theatre in New York, Illinois, Texas, and North Carolina, and have discovered that in keeping up with my students I continue to learn. I love listening to bagpipes, dancing, visiting museums, watching British mysteries, and reading Shakespeare, Dickens, historical novels, and poetry by Naomi Nye, Richard Wilbur, William Stafford, and Robert Frost. I live in Greensboro, N.C. with my husband and our cat Otis.