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Poetry can make a difference in the world!

Help me support independent presses and the joy of writing by donating today.


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Why do I write?

Poetry has always been a major part of my life, helping me to work through mental struggles, rediscover my confidence, and spread messages of change throughout the world.

This concept of poetry as healing, as empowerment, as activism is something that needs to be shared in all corners of the world, and Tupelo Press is one of the incredible independent presses that can help us continue spread poetry far and wide.

Your support gives me vital inspiration as I write for thirty days this month.

Tupelo Press provides the canvas; I bring my words, accompanied by a cohort of fine poets, writing thirty poems in thirty days, all ours to edit and submit as we wish. 30/30 poems have been taken by over 200 journals and featured in over 40 published chapbooks, all so Tupelo Press can keep publishing exquisite and diverse voices that might never be heard otherwise.

No matter how much you can give, $1 or $100, each dollar matters to the people you can help publish. To the voices who are underrepresented in literature. To the first-time authors and the returning stars. To the person, like me, who thought a book was a wistful dream until it finally happened.

Any donor to my campaign will receive a personalized poetry print and my endless thanks for your support towards a cause that means the world to me.

Please help me support a great press by giving today!

A little about me as a writer:

Amanda Karch writes poetry ranging from love to feminism, hoping to inspire and empower. Her debut poetry collection Her Favorite Color Was Sunshine Yellow (2020) sold almost 200 copies in its first print year. Her work has also been published or is forthcoming with Paddler Press, Topical Poetry, Querencia Press, Pile Press, and Moonstone Press. You can find her on Instagram/Twitter @akkwriting.