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$175 towards $500

In December, I wrote 30 poems in 30 days in support of Tupelo Press as part of their 30/30 Project.

Tupelo is a nonprofit literary press that encourages and publishes both emerging and well-known poets. They make beautiful books that uplift a multitude of diverse voices. By committing to write one poem each day, I also committed to raise funds so Tupelo can keep printing beautiful words in beautiful books.

The daily deadline was sometimes tough to meet, especially in the midst of holiday chaos. But the daily discipline of pulling a poem out of the ether made me look at the world differently and search for inspiration more actively. Even though my memoir has been the largest writing project on my horizon for quite some time, each poem I wrote reminded me of why I love language. Writing poetry makes me a better prose writer. And who knows, perhaps one or two of the poems I wrote in December will make an appearance in my memoir, as well.

I'd like to start this new year by reaching my $500 fundraising goal as a thanks to Tupelo not only for the books they have published, but for the projects yet to come to life, and for the platform they gave me to share my own poetry with a wider audience. If you're able, please donate a dollar or ten before the fundraiser closes on January 31st.

Thanks, and happy reading!