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My poems can make a difference!   And you can help. image

My poems can make a difference! And you can help.

Help me meet my goal, please give today.


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Just like the hibiscus bloom above, when I write I never know what will appear. When this hibiscus was first planted I thought for a while that nothing would bloom. Then this beautiful red flower appeared! Then three blooms! Poetry works that way also.

Your support gives me vital inspiration as I write, helps poetry know it is a vital medium in today's crazy world.

Tupelo Press provides the canvas; I bring my words, accompanied by a cohort of fine poets, writing thirty poems in thirty days, all ours to edit and submit as we wish. 30/30 poems have been taken by over 200 journals and featured in over 40 published chapbooks, all so Tupelo Press can keep publishing exquisite and diverse voices that might never be heard otherwise.

Every dollar gives me confidence to write more, and helps the press place more poems in gorgeous books. Help me to help this distinguished press. Give today! Every dollar validates your understanding of the value of poetry, the complexities of a creative life, and the importance of sustaining small presses, such as Tupelo Press.

Formal brief bio:

Claudia M. Reder is the author of How to Disappear, a poetic memoir, (Blue Light Press, 2019). Uncertain Earth (Finishing Line Press), and My Father & Miro (Bright Hill Press). How to Disappear was awarded first prize in the Pinnacle and Feathered Quill awards. She was awarded the Charlotte Newberger Poetry Prize from Lilith Magazine, and two literary fellowships from the Pennsylvania Arts Council. She recently retired from teaching at California State University at Channel Islands. For many years she has been a poet/storyteller in the Schools. Publications include Alaska Quarterly Review, Nimrod, and Healing Muse. She retired from teaching at a university last year to work full time on her writing and engage with others in poetry.