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Poetry can make a difference! image

Poetry can make a difference!

I will match all donations for Ukrainian relief efforts πŸ’™πŸ’›


$550 towards $500

Dear Poet-Friends & Family,

To honor April and National Poetry Month, I’m drafting a poem a day to support Tupelo Press. It’s a wonderful chance to celebrate the freedom of expression and the utter delight of poetry. Amidst the pandemic I have come to remember that poetry is the balm. By reading poems, aloud to a large room or whispered to your dear one, we also connect with the earth, stars, rocks, plants, and all who dwell around the globe; we find new ways to empathize more deeply. I invite you to read along for free, and please donate if you can to this amazing press. With all that is chilling in the news, we need poets to expand our imaginations and independent presses to restore our hope, right? Added bonus, follow my process and see if you recognize the secret ingredient I am folding into each poem. Be the first to name that ingredient and you will win a personally handmade letterpress card and a dozen chocolate chip cookies, baked by yours truly.

Sending warm wishes for love and safety to each of you,