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$185 towards $500

30 POEMS, 30 DAYS: Support Tupelo Press and access exclusive art.

A Writing Marathon: Exciting news! For the month of May, I'm teaming up with Tupelo Press to complete a poem-a-day writing challenge. Like a runner is sponsored for every mile they manage, we are seeking small donations for every finished poem I post on the site. Your support will connect you with brand new verses, support independent publishing, and keep me motivated to write towards my goal: 30 brand new poems, and $500 for a great cause.

How it Works: Tupelo has invited a small group of poets (including yours truly) to take over their website for the month of May. Every day, we'll be posting our brand new poetry for their (global!) readership. In addition to the exciting (and harrowing) opportunity to present raw, unedited work to a brand new audience, the 30/30 Challenge also serves as a fundraiser to help Tupelo Press continue their mission to elevate diverse voices through exquisite literature.

What you'll get for your money: In addition to the satisfaction of supporting the arts, you'll also be granted access to donors-only perks and online exclusives. Can't commit to a full month's donation? No problem! Any amount helps, no matter how small, and one-time donations will still grant access to the day's audio (in addition to any equivalent perks for donations of equal value).*

$0.25/poem: Access to daily audio of the poems from the project being read aloud for the first time.

$0.50/poem: A limited edition full-color graphic e-book of poems from the writing challenge, as well as access to daily audio of the poems.

$1.00/poem (15 available): A signed print copy of the limited edition chapbook, in addition to the full-color e-book edition, and daily audio.

$3.00/poem (5 available): In addition to the limited edition e-book and daily audio, donations of $3.00/poem or more will receive signed, one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted copies of the limited edition book made with vintage and antique found materials from all over the world.

$5.00/poem (5 available): In addition to the electronic and the one-of-a-kind print editions of the book, as well as daily audio, you'll also receive a custom, one-of-a-kind creativity journal, made to order from vintage and antique books and ephemera. These are the journals I use to create my erasure poetry, (some examples of which are posted online here).

$7.00/poem or more (3 available): A one-of-a-kind, made-to-order creativity journal, a one-of-a-kind, hand-made limited edition book of poems, a graphic e-book, daily audio, and that's not all! Donations of $7/poem or more will also receive an invitation to attend a one-day online poetry masterclass.

$10.00/poem or more (only 1 available!): What can I do for you? In addition to all of the other donor perks and exclusives, a donation of $10/more per poem will also get you 3 one-on-one creativity consultations. These hour-long sessions can take the form of guided writing exercises, editing, strategy sessions for accessing your own creativity, or even just one-on-one chats about art--it's your time!

*For access to daily audio, you'll want to send a message to me with your email address--you'll be added to a list of folks who will receive a private link to the audio. You can expect any other digital perks to arrive in your inbox in the same way, but for any physical media, you'll want to include a mailing address. Excited to hear from you!