Riley Welch
Riley Welch's Fundraiser

There’s a thread you follow. It goes among things that change. But it doesn’t change. -William Stafford

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I believe in practice. In repetition, muscle memory, pattern. No matter the act, whether it comes naturally or not, you will get better. Not perfect, but always a little better.

Since 2014, I've written three poems a week as a piece of my practice. And still, when I first heard of the 30/30 Project it felt daunting and intimidating, and yet, a little exciting. The 30/30 Project provides connection between writers and readers, makes a need for creativity--to draw it from lack of inspiration, and helps raise money for Tupelo Press, a small, independent nonprofit press.

Everyday in the month of April, I'll be writing a poem. I can't tell you what they'll be like or how long they'll be, but they'll be there. Consistently.

It's a strange time right now, different that what many of us consider to be the status quo. I invite you to find connection in art, comfort in poetry by myself and others, and if you are able: to give.

You can read the poems here, updated daily.

For each donation made, I will send a handwritten thank you. To those who can donate and to those who just want to read some poetry: thank you, I appreciate you, I hope you're hanging in there.