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I imagine meeting life’s challenges with pen and paper in hand. I have been writing since I was 7 years old, in my native country of Romania. During all significant periods of my life, I have been able to express myself in writing. In high-school I wrote short stories, poems, and prose poems. In college it was playwriting and poetry, as well as comparative literary essays. For the past 17 years of my life I have been writing poetry on my own and in workshops in New York City and elsewhere. I have had the great experiences of working with Regie Cabico, Louis Hirshkowitz, Hermine Meinhard, Sharon Olds, and Brenda Hillman. I have been writing poems and discovering possibilities with language, ideas, emotions, and form. I have learned from Reggie to speak my poems. From Louis, I have learned to critique poems closely and find the intellect in the voice, one that is universal and wiser than myself.

The passion I have for poetry is unbridled. The necessity I have for writing it is the same as that for breathing, eating, and having shelter. In order to create I connect with my inner voice, the undercurrents of my emotions, thoughts, and I release control over the rational. I am carried by the immediacy of verses to guide me through the synoptic mapping of my voice and the visceral canvas strokes that the muse invokes.Your support gives me vital inspiration as I write for thirty days this month.

Tupelo Press provides the canvas, I bring my words, accompanied by other fine poets, writing thirty poems in thirty days, all ours to edit and submit as we wish. 30/30 poems have been taken by over 90 journals and featured in over 40 published chapbooks, all so Tupelo Press can keep publishing exquisite and diverse voices that might never be heard otherwise.

Every dollar gives me confidence to write more, and helps the press place more poems in gorgeous books. Help me to help this distinguished press. Give today!