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Jacqueline Kolosov has published 3 full-length poetry collections, most recently Memory of Blue (Salmon, 2014), with her 4th collection, "Prevail, or Break the Bright Window" (working title), also forthcoming from Salmon. At present, she is translatating poetry from Spanish and from German. Jacqueline participated in 30/30's inaugural year and has held fellowships in poetry, including 1 at the Banff Centre. Her poems have been widely anthologized and published in journals including Poetry, Prairie Schooner, The Southern Review, The Moth, Cave Wall, Smartish Pace, and others. She held an NEA Fellowship in Prose (2008) and has published 5 YA/NA novels with stories and essays in journals and anthologies. 5 essays have been Notables in Best American Essays, and her lyric essay collection, "Motherhood, and the Places Between," won the Mary Roberts Rinehart Award in 2015. She has coedited 3 anthologies, most recently, with Marcela Sulak, Family Resemblance: An Anthology and Investigation of 8 Hybrid Literary Forms, 1st place winner in Foreword's IndieNext Nonfiction (Rose Metal, 2015). She lives on 3 windy but tree-fortified acres in West Texas with 2 thoroughbreds, 3 dogs (all rescues) & a green-cheeked conure named Parzival. Having grown up north of Chicago, Jacqueline, like the animals in her care, are all non-natives. A horsewoman, like her 13 year old daughter, she is also an amateur visual artist, improvisational cook, and advocate for the transformative as well as therapeutic power of the arts. Jacqueline has been involved with creating arts programming with a range of at-risk populations in her area and is pursuing certification in Equine Facilitated Learning. She is on the Creative Writing Faculty at Texas Tech.

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