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Whenever I am asked about my poetic lineage, I try to sum it up in the most me way that I can: I am what you get if Bob Kaufman and Sylvia Plath had a kid whose godparents were MF Doom, George Carlin, Emily Dickinson, and Ursula from "the Little Mermaid." Ultimately, my poems are wild scribblings; they are urges that hit me like a sucker punch and I just have to write, whether it be on a page or on my very arms.

While I started writing poetry as a means to express and organize my thoughts, I find it has been difficult for me to write lately. I think part of this comes from a fear that my writing is not relevant to the current state of affairs and is therefore, irresponsible. Sometimes, this feeling manifests in my inability to pick up a pen or my eagerness to dismiss my own writing.

Then, I read about Tupelo's 30/30 challenge.

It seemed like the perfect way to get back into poetry without the pressure of writing something deep or profound. I am free to make mistakes, make something grow and start something new. I can make snippets that will make you laugh, cry, or think.

So, for thirty days, you will be privy to my ramblings and ravings while helping me support a kickass press and a kickass cause. Hopefully, I'll produce stuff you dig. More than that though, I want to produce stuff that reminds me of why poetry is one of my greatest loves.

So, enjoy the words and give a little bit if you can!

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