Leia Wilson
Leia Wilson's Fundraiser

poems! poems! poems! poems! poems! poems!

Help me meet my goal, please give today.

$80 towards $350

Your support gives me vital inspiration as I write for thirty days this month.

Tupelo Press provides the canvas, I bring my words, accompanied by other fine poets, writing thirty poems in thirty days, all ours to edit and submit as we wish. 30/30 poems have been taken by over 90 journals and featured in over 40 published chapbooks, all so Tupelo Press can keep publishing exquisite and diverse voices that might never be heard otherwise.

Every dollar gives me confidence to write more, and helps the press place more poems in gorgeous books. Help me to help this distinguished press. Give today! Any donation is appreciated!

You can follow me @rakishheir completing poem-related labors on Instagram (not unlike Hercules if Hercules were an afakasi Samoan woman poet who spends the off hours playing Magic the Gathering #edh #oliviavoldaren)! #3030 #tupelo #fundraising #writingmarathon #baking #cake #reading #trashyparanormalromance #poems #writing #vegas