Barb Hofmann Jennes
Barb Hofmann Jennes's Fundraiser

I'm writing 30 poems in 30 days - here's why:

Help keep indie poetry publishing alive!

$865 towards $500

Lots of you have run marathons or participated in walks aimed at raising funds to feed the hungry, alleviate suffering, or support medical research. Good work!

Well, in March, I'm participating in a slightly different type of fundraiser for a different type of worthy cause: I'm writing and posting a new poem every day (gulp!) to encourage donations to Tupelo Press, a not-for-profit, independent literary press devoted to discovering and publishing works by emerging writers. Learn about Tupelo here.

As a poet attempting to emerge (think butterfly! not the moth who chewed holes in your favorite sweater!), indie publishers like Tupelo offer the greatest likelihood of getting an old foot in a very hard-to-open door. And, let's face it, nobody makes a killing in the world of poetry.

My goal is to reach $500. So please consider making a tax-deductible donation to an organization that plays a vital role in helping to ensure the ongoing diversity and vibrancy of the literary world. Every dollar will help!

If you like, request a specific day to be dedicated to you. Choose a topic. Choose a poetic form. I'll do my best to write a poem worthy of your donation.

So challenge me! Inspire me! Light a fire under my bardish Bunsen burner, and help me glow bright!