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Samuel Loncar is a philosopher and historian of religion, poet, and writer working at the intersection of spirituality and modern life and teaching at Yale Divinity School. His writing has been read at Google, taught in writing classes and universities across the world, and translated into Chinese and Farsi. As a consultant and speaker he has recently worked with the United Nations, Oliver Wyman, and Redbull Arts. He blends scholarly and creative concerns and seeks to revive the ancient and marginalized voices of the gods and their peoples, and show how patterns of oppression in the past shape the the exploitation of power today.

He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Marginalia Review of Books, a leading journal for the integration of religion, scholarship, and cultural criticism. Marginalia's articles have been assigned in the European Parliament and to White house staffers and are used in classrooms across the country. Samuel has written and spoken about philosophy, science and religion, the economic and cultural consequences of automation and AI, ethics, the future of work, sustainable finance and climate risk, and the crisis in education.

Samuel earned three graduate degrees at Yale University, where he is completing a Ph.D and lecturing. He is currently working on a book, Philosophy as Religion, and a collection of poems reclaiming the gods of his Japanese grandmother and Native American grandfather. Most recently, he was a participant at Kenyon Review's spiritual writing workshop with poet Afaa Weaver.