Shea Montgomery
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Help me raise money for Tupelo Press! And hopefully be entertained as well!

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Poet Bio: Shea Montgomery is a native Nebraskan, but is proud to announce he has been officially adopted by the state of Oregon. He earned his Masters in English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and his MFA from the Vermont College of Fine Arts. He has been published in such journals as the Northern New England Review and See Spot Run, and he now teaches English at Northwestern State University in Louisiana.

Each day I'll watch either an episode of "The Addams Family" or "The Munsters," and write a poem in response to that episode. Through this project I hope to shed a different light on issues of class, race, and what it means to be on the outside, or the "Other." In this project, I'd like to imagine what it would be like for these two families to live down the street from each other, and look at the situations that might arise from this through the lens of our contemporary times.

To help sweeten the creative pot, I'm throwing in some options for those that donate:

(Please be sure to include the relevant information in your donation comments--Word, Name, and / or mailing address.)

5$- This gives you the chance to select a word I will use in one of this month's poems. (keep it classy, though I'm open to a challenge).

15$- I'll work your last name into a poem, or the last name of a person you choose. This allows you to literally join in on the story I plan on telling with these poems.

30$- At the end of the month, after you have seen all the poems, I'll send you a hand-written and signed copy of a poem included in the 30/30 run.

40$- Winner, winner, chicken dinner…You get all of the above, and the satisfaction of donating to a quality press.

Your support helps give me inspiration as I write for thirty days this month.