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Poet Bio: Katie Andraski recently retired from teaching developmental composition at Northern Illinois University for over twenty years. Her novel The River Caught Sunlight was published in 2014. It is about how a person deals with grief while wheeling and dealing in a difficult job. It also explores the roots of the evangelical influence in politics. Frank Schaeffer says, "This book has a piercing insight at its heart as humane as it is damning of religion gone off the rails." She writes Perspectives for Northern Public Radio and blogs regularly at https://katieandraski.com. Her first collection of poetry, When the Plow Cuts was published 1988 by Thorntree Press. She lives with her husband on a farm in Northern Illinois, taking care of two Norwegian fjord horses, two dogs, a flock of chickens and her best friend's parents' cat who wouldn't be here otherwise. She loves the quiet of the country, and is greatly relieved this year's hay crop is beautiful and safely in the barn after a spring so wet the farmers were six weeks late with planting.

Author Statement: I fell in love with the music of sentences after reading Pilgrim at Tinker Creek back in the seventies. I want to make sentences sing. To be honest I'm not sure what I'm trying to do with poetry. I think it's more like what poetry is trying to do with me, and how it's working with me in the same way riding a horse is more partnership and friendship than domination.

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