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Poet Bio: Viviane Vives was maybe three years old when she appeared in her first TV commercial. She doesn't remember a time where she was not surrounded by images, creativity, and heavy emotions.

Maybe because she has moved forty times, lived in three continents and eight cities, and has lived very fast, she tends to look directly into experiences of life, of this moment, more than through a lens of any type. What she portrays goes beyond lens and pen, becoming an experientially alive moment, she has an affair with the "now." She appears to live it, wear it, assiduously resorting to self-portrayal. Luckily, in her writing, this relationship with the present can easily be transposed to one with the past, as if there was no difference between them and were all happening at once.

Viviane Vives is a Fulbright scholar for Artistic Studies,–Tisch School of the Arts, NYU– her translation work, poems, and short stories have been published internationally. Some of Viviane's recent publications are poetry in the Southeast Missouri University Press, two short stories, "Todo es de Color, Children of Catalunya" and "Notes from Many Places" in Litro Magazine of London, and a ten page story in The Write Launch: "In the oblique and dreamlike style of Marguerite Duras, Viviane Vives weaves memories of her ancestors and place—Nice, Barcelona, Perth, New South Wales, Texas—in "Dialogues With Your Notebook," a stunning literary achievement."

She is also a Finalist of the Philadelphia Stories' Sandy Crimmins National Prize in Poetry and Semifinalist of the American Short(er) Fiction Contest by American Short Fiction and the Baltic residence in Scotland. Viviane is a nominee for Sundress Press' Best of the Net Anthology Best of the Net 2018 for fiction by Burningword Literary Journal, whose editor Erik Deerly also included her in their Best of 2018 Anthology. Black Mountain Press also included her wok in their Best Sixty Four Poets of 2018 anthology.

Viviane writes in both, Spanish and English. Her first language was French and part of her family spoke Catalan at home. She learned Portuguese to be able to read Fernando Pessoa in his native language. In chronological order, the cities she has lived in for an extended period of time are: Barcelona, Paris, Madrid, New York, Sant Feliu de Guixols, Los Angeles, Austin, Sydney, and Perth. She's currently back at 'home' in Austin, TX.

Her current book, with the working title "The Cities and the Dead," is a poetic-prose novel about broken love, pilgrimage to broken cities, and broken dead-relatives that cannot sleep until someone hears them.

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