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Support the art of poetry, and it's main wellspring: the natural world.

Nature our guide, language our form. I am but one, letting their mind and feet wander.

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Poet Bio: T.T. is a certified medical-based qigong and aikido teacher, performer, poet, playwright, and mindbody practitioner. Their work involves a focus on somatic investigation, philosophical investigation, abstraction, and nature. As a poet and writer their work has been published by various outlets including Crack the Spine, Tupelo press, Concis, and the Bombay Gin. As a playwright and performer they have had multiple works staged locally in New Orleans, during Infringe festivals and beyond. They regularly can be found meditating and moving in the park, walking or biking with their 2 year-old son, playing and creating music, or reading and writing in the shade of one of the many large, ancient oak trees abound in the wonderful city of New Orleans.

Author Statement: As a returning poet, I'd like to tell a little story about my first go-round with the 30/30 project. In July 2016, I was given the opportunity to share my most-favorite art of poetry with the greater world like I never had before. It was something truly special. At the time, I was just beginning to busy myself with more creative projects than I knew what to do with! And my month took the shape of all those projects, plays which I had written and performed in, a performance project wherein I was live-writing on a beautiful old typewriter for hours at a time, and a travel across continents to study the beautiful art of Aikido, my first such intensive seminar. I let my 30/30 month become like a journal of my travels and journey through these projects. As such, it also became a catalyst for the years since. I have since been published by numerous journals, self-published 3 books of poetry in collaboration with a local handmade-book artisan, been certified to teach Qigong, Aikido, produced plays, performances, and even held my own Poetry workshops! 3 years ago I could not have imagined all the places I might travel, in body, mind, and spirit. To top it all off, I have a nearly-2-year-old son, born to a wonderful woman and mother, whose spirit has awakened even more awareness, consciousness, and drive within me to be a good father, co-parent, partner, and friend. In some ways, it all started around that spring of 2016, when I found out I would be a 30/30 poet. In this month, and with your donations as help, I'd like to say thanks to the Tupelo Press community for being that catalyst, by providing a forum for my voice to explore and grow, and I'd like to share where my art has grown towards since then: my focus on nature, embodiment, philosophy, and the natural experimentation and abstraction of the world and all that lives within it. In short, I will be spending my days writing on plants, animals, ponds, and the like. Observing their interactions and exploring all of this being, and the being's "being-in-itself". Letting Poetry be what it is: a beautiful art of language, which is both a form of opening, turning towards something, and a form of narrowing in on that something which exists. Those close to me would attest that I am often heard saying something quite like this: "poetry is an art of words, which tries to express that which words cannot express".

Donation Offerings:

10$ or more - you will receive a direct thanks on my every-other-day email letter.

20$ or more - prompt me from any "natural-object" and I will write a poem based on it!

35$ or more - you will be privy to "behind-the-scenes" notes on my process for a poem once a week during the rest of the month

50$ or more - you will receive a copy of my hand-bound poetry book Outline Wateriness Effect, mailed out to you at the end of the month. (I will email to request address)


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