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Poet Bio: Diana Woodcock's first full-length collection, Swaying on the Elephant's Shoulders, won the 2010 Vernice Quebodeaux International Women's Poetry Prize. Her second, Under the Spell of a Persian Nightingale, was published in 2015. Chapbooks include Beggar in the Everglades, Desert Ecology: Lessons and Visions, Tamed by the Desert, In the Shade of the Sidra Tree, Mandala, and Travels of a Gwai Lo. Widely published in literary journals and anthologies (including Best New Poets 2008), her poems have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net Award, as well as performed live onstage in Lincoln Park, San Francisco in 2014 at Artists Embassy International's 21st Dancing Poetry Festival. Several of her Alaska poems toured Alaska as part of the 'Voices of the Wilderness' Traveling Art Exhibit, Alaska 2014-2015. Prior to teaching in Qatar (since 2004), she worked for nearly eight years in Tibet, Macau and on the Thai/Cambodian border.

Author Statement: I am committed to continue (regardless of success/publication/notoriety) the practice of poetry as prayer, witness, peacemaking, journal-keeping, a matter of life (not just language), and reminder of our kinship with all of creation; to continue sharing my creative work in the hopes of awakening, challenging and encouraging my fellow human beings to keep believing in beauty, light and justice where all three seem impossible.

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