Dustin Renwick
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About the 30/30 Project:

A few poets sign up for a marathon and good literature ensues. Unlike other races I've joined, I can do this one sitting down. I'm writing 30 poems in 30 days, along with some fellow poets, to support Tupelo Press. This independent publisher showcases diverse voices and exquisite written work.

I'll break the month into four themes:

  • Summer (July 1-7)
  • Science (8-14)
  • Sports (15-21)
  • Supporters (22-30)

That last bit is about you. Donate $11 or more and send me a word, a title, a topic — something I can build with. I'll create poems from your submissions during my final week of the project.

I'll trade you my poetry for good feelings and a tax deduction on your part.

Help me help this distinguished press. Give today!

Poet Bio: Dustin Renwick runs, writes, and does not drink coffee. His poetry has appeared in The Daily Palette (an extension of The Iowa Review), Verse Wisconsin, and Quercus.