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Small presses make a difference!

Please give if you're able.


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Your support gives me vital inspiration as I write for thirty days this month.

Tupelo Press provides the canvas; I bring my words, accompanied by a cohort of fine poets. This December I'll be writing alongside five friends from the Poetry Witch Community (PWC), as well as some new poets I'm excited to get to know better. PWC is an online community that brings together poets and poetry lovers with feminists and women-centered spiritual seekers and practitioners from around the world to practice poetry, scansion, and magic, build circles of connection and empowerment, and explore the rhythmic languages of poetry.

To learn more about PWC, visit or

Last time I did 30/30, back in July of 2017, I wrote free verse poems based on Marjorie Wilson's charm book The Woman You Want to Be. This time I'll be writing metrical verse (hopefully, but I reserve the right to cheese out if I need to) and reading the book The Body in Pain by Elaine Scarry. My hope is to focus on a different meter each week. My other hope, or rather maybe not a hope just an intention, is to write poems about my experiences going through chemotherapy for stage 2a ovarian cancer back in 2019. Much like with the meter, I reserve the right to cheese out if I need to. I imagine this is going to be a pretty rough project to do and I feel like doing it for 30/30 will help motivate me to bite the bullet and just write about it.

In addition to my poems being up on the 30/30 blog, I'll be blogging about the experience at, my weird little blog that I only write on sporadically. So, once again, I reserve the right to cheese out if it turns out to be too much or, frankly, if I just forget to do it.

Pre-apologies for any cheesing out I may do. There'll be a poem each day. Will it be metrical? Will it be about chemo and cancer and my exploding ovaries? Goddess willing and the creek don't rise.

Every dollar you give helps the press place more poems in gorgeous books. Help me help this distinguished press. Give today if you're able. If you're not able to give, consider asking your local library to purchase some of the great books from Tupelo Press, see for their latest releases.

In addition to that warm feeling you'll get from donating, I've also come up with a few perks for folks who donate.

All donations $1 and up: A special thank you on Twitter and Facebook including a picture or link to a YouTube video I think you'd like and a copy of my chapbook/microzine/whatever you want to call it about my experiences with chemotherapy, Fine, Considering from Rinky Dink Press.

$10-$29- A copy of my broadside from Black Orchid.

$30-$59- I'll scan a packet of up to ten of your poems for you (if you don't want this then I can also just give you feedback on free verse poems, short story, or essay of up to ten pages)

$60 and up- I'll write a poem about you (if that's not of interest or I've already written lots of poems about you and you're sick of it, you can also just pick a topic for me to write on).