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Words are powerful! Poetry can make a difference! image

Words are powerful! Poetry can make a difference!

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Your support gives me daily inspiration as I write for thirty days this month.

Tupelo Press provides the canvas; I bring my words and the images of my late partner, Brian Saltern. I am accompanied by a cohort of fine poets, writing thirty poems in thirty days, all ours to edit and submit as we wish. 30/30 poems have been taken by over 90 journals and featured in over 40 published chapbooks. This enables Tupelo Press to keep publishing exquisite and diverse voices that might never be heard otherwise.

Every dollar gives me confidence to write more, and helps the Tupelo Press place more poems in gorgeous books. Help me to help this distinguished press. Give today!

About Me: Joan Daidone is a writer and creative activist living between New York City and the Harlem River Valley. She writes plays, short fiction, prose poems, and essays as a way to connect to the divine and as a voice for the often-silenced feminine spirit. She has worked in educational publishing, media, and communications for 25+ years. Currently, Joan teaches ESL writing to immigrant teens and young adults through various community-based programs, including the Pen America Writing in the Schools program. Currently, she is working on a book of prose poetry celebrating the art of her late husband, Brian Saltern entitled, "Art Brut, Words Raw" and another book of Ekphrastic prose poems, "My Women, My Tribe".