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Please donate to support my poetry/all poetry! image

Please donate to support my poetry/all poetry!

The person who donates the most overall to me/my poems will get a prize! Really!


$505 towards $500

As if writing a poem each day weren't challenging enough, imagine writing a poem a day and having that poem put online for the world to read!

Well, Tupelo Press has a group of poets doing just that, and during October 2021, I will be one of that group.

Tupelo Press gets the money the poets raise--small, non-profit, independent presses don't just run on love and enthusiasm--they need cash! In the past, poems written for the 30/30 Project have been accepted by over 90 journals and published in over 40 chapbooks.

Some of us thrive under pressure, and i hope to be one of those thrivers (not a word, but it should be).

The support I receive each day will mean a lot to me. Writing is a solitary endeavor, and knowing there are readers out there appreciating my work will bolster my confidence to excel in this challenge.

I hope you will donate and help me, Tupelo Press, and poetry in general!