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Your support fuels my motivation to write a poem a day this month. Tupelo Press provides the framework, publishing the poems daily.

I look forward to sharing this process with donors: sharing prompts; giving an inner view of the process; dedicating a poem to you on any subject you specify; or editing your own writing. You let me know!

Tupelo Press is an incredible small publisher. Your financial support keeps them going strong! They provide the means, and I bring my words, accompanied by other fine chosen poets who will write thirty poems in thirty days. 30/30 poems have been taken by over 90 journals and featured in over 40 published chapbooks.

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My vision for this month project:

Lockdown is finally over.

This seems a non-sequitur, but it’s not.

I walked outside without a mask today for the first time in over a year. My face felt naked. And my body seemed so light, and strange, with a phantom limb aching.

I went into lockdown as a mother of two toddlers, with an uncertain third pregnancy. I’ve come out as a mother of a preschooler, toddler, and very fussy and anxious infant. I went in as an artist with an active studio practice, a poet who was active in two writing groups, and a teacher. During this year, I was a full-time mother, unable to get to the studio, snatching moments for poetry in the dead of the night.

Pascal argued that all human evil stems from the inability to sit alone in a room with one’s self. But what about having no room to oneself--ever?

I think for many parents of young children, this has been the year of losing the autonomous self; of becoming utterly defined by the needs of others, and the interaction with them.

The experience at the time was too intense to analyze. There was literally no space to step back, and see what was happening. I want to dedicate this month to diving into the experience of this year. To sift through the debris. To find the new and the good in this period of what—to me—was intense symbiosis. And to integrate into my artistic self, moving forward.

If you would like to follow this journey, I will be sharing regular updates through this page. You can also contact me at