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Poetry and independent voices are vital!

Give today in any amount to support great books, small publishers, and more perspectives.


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About Meg Little Reilly
I am a writer at Bennington College and an editor with the University of Vermont’s Reporting & Documentary Storytelling program. I'm the author of the novels THE MISFORTUNES OF FAMILY, EVERYTHING THAT FOLLOWS, and WE ARE UNPREPARED, which has been translated in several languages. My essays have appeared in McSweeney's, Literary Hub, Sojourners, Politico, Vermont Public Radio, and more. I previously worked as a communicator in the US White House and Department of the Treasury under President Barack Obama. I have been writing poetry from the very beginning and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to lend my words to this worthy cause.

Why Give
Your support for great literature, independent publishers, and writers from every walk of life has never been more urgent. Tupelo Press has published some of the finest writers of our time. From Maggie Smith and Ilya Kaminsky to the exciting emerging writers I've discovered through Tupelo, their works have uplifted and inspired me through a uniquely challenging year.

Great art sustains us in hard times and connects us across borders. We need it more than ever today.

How the 30/30 Project Works
Tupelo Press provides the canvas; I bring the words. Throughout April (National Poetry Month), I and a handful of fine poets will share one poem each day at Tupelo Press. These are previously-unpublished, just-hatched works for this moment. They've never been in the world before, though many "30 in 30" poems go on to find homes in beloved poetry collections. Your donation of any amount will inch me closer to my goal for Tupelo. If you're moved to give $20 (or more!) for one of my poems, I would be honored to say thank you with a hand-written letter or a social media shout-out. Every dollar goes to Tupelo and helps produce more beautiful books from a broad range of perspectives.

It feels good to support good literature. I am grateful for this opportunity and for your help.