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My poems encourage contemplation. image

My poems encourage contemplation.

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Cathy Hollister is a retired public health consultant and educator who lives in middle Tennessee. She was a Finalist in the Ageless Authors 2020 Coping with Crisis writing contest. Her work has been in Smoky Blue Literary and Arts Magazine, Corona Global Lockdown, published by Poet’s Choice, and La Concha of the American Pilgrims on the Camino.

Writing poetry began on a walk through Scotland as I was captivated by a small, unlikely flower called bog cotton. This feathery blossom, not a typical blossom at all, resembles a small bit of cotton that has been snagged by a thorn. A bit of fluff snagged by a thorn, a concept that spoke much louder than that flimsy bit of white had any right to do. Growing in the wetlands bog cotton stubbornly marks its territory, ignores strong winds, and sings in the swamps. When I look back on that first poem Canach, Gaelic for bog cotton, I see how that small bit of nothing launched me. The unlikely, unremarkable, and overlooked will often make the boldest statement.

I also recognize how far I have come since that first poem. It definitely opened a window for me, a window into the beauty and power of language. The potential for blossoms between the phrases and song in the spaces. During the month of April, I will stretch and build my poetic muscles. The most common, unremarkable, and overlooked words and phrases often make the loudest statement. I will search for those.

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