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Joanna Suzanne Lee is the author of Dissections (2017), a co-editor of the anthology Lingering in the Margins (2019), and founder of the Richmond, Virginia community River City Poets. Her work has been published in Rattle, Fourth River, Driftwood and elsewhere, and has been nominated for both a Pushcart and multiple Best of the Net prizes. Having earned her MD from the Medical College of Virginia in 2007 and a Master’s in neuroscience from William & Mary in 2010, she currently co-owns (with her husband, John) south-of-the-river coffeeshop and all-day breakfast joint Café Zata. When she’s not slinging espresso or scribbling poems, Joanna is training for her next marathon or hanging out with fellow members of the newly formed Poets Who Run.

This is a different type of January for me. Faced with challenges and losses at home while fighting to maintain a business and my physical training, this month, I'm writing my way through. I've long been a believer in poetry's power to heal--both on the reading and on the writing side. That a poem can sublimate trauma into art, bridge chasms in perspective, and allow the poet to see outside their own experience. This January, I'll be using the 30/30 daily writing practice as a meditation and to create space to breathe. I don't promise every poem is going to be sunshine and rainbows (or unicorns and karma, as a friend has made our new mantra), but there may on occasion be something worth seeing at the end of the day. I do hope you'll join me on the journey: read along, stay in touch, and even throw a few coins in the collective pot to support Tupelo in doing what they do best--bringing quality poetry into the world.