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Help a fine press publish dynamic, diverse books

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At times, writing poetry is not unlike doing yoga on a paddleboard: there can quite a bit of flailing about, everyone in near creation can see you not-quite-manage feats of wonder, and there's no blaming them for guffawing when you tumble noisily into the water.

BUT. It's a good time anyway, and when you get back on the board again and again, day after day, it does improve the odds that once in a while you'll end up looking freakin' awesome.

During February 2021, at, you'll get to watch me perform an ink-splashing equivalent of attempting headstands on a Hala Atcha. Check in every day to see what outlandish pose my brain might be trying to pretzel itself into next. I can't promise absolute extended awesomeness, but won't it be fun to see me try for it?

Please support Tupelo Press for challenging me to write new poems and providing me with space and encouragement to share them. Every dollar will help the press make a difference for talented, thought-provoking poets who deserve a wider audience. Your donation may be tax deductible (depending on what/how/when you file your returns), and it definitely will be greeted with joyful cartwheels. We appreciate whatever you are willing to give!

Peg Duthie is a Taiwanese American native of Texas. She shares an old house in Nashville, Tennessee, with a motorcycle mechanic, a small piano, and a scrap-metal moose. She is the author of MEASURED EXTRAVAGANCE (Upper Rubber Boot, 2012), and her poems have appeared in AUTUMN SKY POETRY DAILY, RATTLE, and elsewhere. There's more about her at