Sandra Faulkner
Sandra Faulkner's Fundraiser

Poetry Matters

My poems can make a difference!

$460 towards $500

If you know me, you know how much I love poetry. Poetry is a way to say things you can't through other means. Poetry is response and action, emotion and mind. Poetry Matters!

I am going to write a poem a day for thirty days in July to support this poetry passion.

Will you help me? You contribution to Tupelo Press helps poetry and independent publishing, voices that you may not hear in other venues. And what we need more of is gorgeous poems by diverse voices.

Any amount you give helps me to achieve my goal of raising $400.

If you donate $15, I will write a poem for you using any prompt you throw my way.

Faulkner's poetry and images have appeared in Literary Mama, Ithaca Lit,Gulf Stream, Writer’s Resist, Rise Up Review, and elsewhere. She authored four poetry chapbooks, Hello Kitty Goes to College (dancing girl press), Knit Four, Make One (Kattywompus), Postkarten aus Deutschland, and Trigger Warning (Qualitative Inquiry), and a memoir in poetry, Knit Four, Frog One (Brill, 2014). She authored over 60 book chapters and articles, which have appeared in such journals as Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, and Cultural Studies <=> Critical Methodologies. She is also the author/editor of 10 books including Real Women Run: Running as Feminist Embodiment; Poetic Inquiry: Craft, Method, & Practice (Routledge); Poetic Inquiry as Social Justice and Political Response (Vernon, co-edited with Abigail Cloud); Scientists and Poets #Resist (Brill coedited with Andrea England). She lives in NW Ohio with her partner, their warrior girl, and three rescue mutts.