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Thank you for visiting my donation page! Your donation supports Tupelo Press, an important independent poetry publisher. So you could say that your donation supports indie presses or supports poetry or even supports me trying to support those things. So thank you! You could donate just because you love putting money toward worthy causes or because you like a poem I did or because you want one of the following things that you can get at the following prices:

$10 -- I'll personally donate $10 to an anti-racism organization / bail fund of your choice (cap $50)

$20 -- Give me a word I have to incorporate in some poem and I'll dedicate that poem to you

$30 -- Give me a poem or passage to read and I'll write an "after" poem and dedicate that poem to you

$40 -- I'll mail you a chapbook

$50 -- I'll mail you a chapbook and a book I own that I'm done reading and you can have